handcrafted natural soap

Soaply is a plant-based hand soap that is free from fragrances, animal fats and dyes. Gentle on your hands, kind to nature.

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Meet The Soap Master
“First it became my hobby. Then I fell in love with what I do, It is our every intention now - we leave and breathe bath products!”
— Eren, ‘Eren Crafted’ Founder
For all skin types

Soaply is a plant-based hand soap that is gentle enough to wash even the most sensitive skin

100% Organic

Free from fragrances, animal fats and dyes. Gentle on your hands, kind to nature


Our manufacturing methods do not involve experimentation on animals

We start with Creating scents from organic ingredients

It's true—sometimes we ask for help from our customers and friends to find just the right flower or tree scent!

Then we Hand-craft soap with The selected ingredients

We use only the most naturally derived ingredients in our soaps, because we believe that when you cleanse, you should be confident knowing you're doing it in a way that's nourishing for your skin

Then we pack soap in recycled Paper bags

It's when our soap is ready to be mailed off to your friends and family. We do our best to make sure you’ll fall in love with Soaply like we have!

Special offers

My perfect bath set

Coconut & lime scented handmade soap that you really can't afford to skip!

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Family set

This is a set of 3 soaps of lavender, coconut & lime, and mint chocolate chip scents

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A year's supply

This is a set of 12 soaps of lavender, coconut & lime, mint chocolate chip and other scents

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bathing experiences

I love the gifts, but I have to say that the Soaply soap is my favorite. This soap feels so good on your skin, and it smells delightful!

Bertram Jensen
Customer since 2021

I'm a huge fan of Soaply's soaps! They're made with high quality ingredients and made by hand in small batches, making for an all natural, environmentally-friendly product.

Dave Hendrix
Customer since 2022

I love that each scent has an individual ingredient list and uses different combinations of oils to come up with something unique. The lavender is my favorite!

Jane Collins
Customer since 2019

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